Project Development

Project Development: Reference

Coming up with a name for my restaurant was not as easy as I’d expect. These days it can be anything from the owner’s or street’s name to a random combination of words like Elephant & The Castle. I wanted something short and memorable that wouldn’t have anything to do with actual titles of specific things or places. Once I couldn’t think of actual adjectives or nouns that would the describe the feel I imagine, I turned to numbers – after all, the kings were numbered just like that. After trying out the sound of some numbers (the first, the second, etc), I liked ‘The Fourth’ the most, because after repeating it for long enough it doesn’t even sound like a number but its own word. Also roman symbols for 4 (which is IV) abbreviate to my name initials, which could also be incorporated in the logo and design. I left it at that for now and decided to look at some top lists of restaurant logos.

Here are few things I liked but wouldn’t necessarily use for inspiration:

Research made me realise that creating a visual portfolio for a restaurant is not just about the logo, so I was wrong about limiting my keywords. Even though the logo is the face of the venue and sets the design, restaurant brand identity should be the prime focus and the most suitable format for this project.



So far my favourite designs:

Amazing colours and visuals:

Gold Foil will definitely be a part of my design: ;


I found a font that I liked and felt like it could fit the purpose of the logo. To make a bigger connection with number 4, I cut off some of the letter H and then applied different effects to it to see how it would look like as a neon front or gold type.


I also researched different interior designs in order to find some inspiration for the rest of the branding, because if I knew what the restaurant could look like, I could base and associate the stationery with that style.

The Modern Bar by Build Inc Architects

Alter Schlachthof Brixen, Bressanone, 2016 - the office 27

Restaurant "Aut vincere aut mori" on Behance

I think that I would definitely include these kind of patterns in my design.

3d модели: Другие предметы интерьера - Набор декоративных панелей_05

Very simplistic and beautiful menu.


Minimal Food Menu Template InDesign INDD. Download here:

This is a little manual of menu design instructions that explains different elements of the menu and tells what is the best way to place them around, so when designing my own I could use this knowledge for an extra advantage.

These are quick menu & shop front mock ups I created with my logo on them just to see how it would fit.




Project Feasibility Evaluation Chart:



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